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5 networks offering local, high-quality care


The French Rare Disease Network TETECOU brings together care networks, each focusing on a group of disorders.

Located all across the French territory, they provide management and care that is as close to home as possible for patients and their families.


Discover all the centers that make up these care networks and access the contact information of their teams of healthcare professionals by clicking on the logos below.




Craniosynostoses and craniofacial malformations


Healthcare services offered by CRANIOST


Clefts and facial malformations


Healthcare services offered by MAFACE



Rare ENT malformations


Healthcare offered by MALO


  Rare oral and dental diseases


Healthcare offered by O-Rares


Visit the O-Rares website



Pierre Robin syndromes and congenital sucking/swallowing disorders


Healthcare offered by SPRATON


Visit the SPRATON website